Our Approach

Modern Classrooms are founded on five core principles. We help teachers bring these principles to life with research-backed practices that support authentic student learning.

  1. Teachers make assignments meaningful.

    What students do in the classroom matters. We empower teachers to create challenging, engaging, standards-aligned assessments that are tailored to their students’ unique needs and interests.

  2. High-quality interactions enhance learning.

    Interpersonal connections between students and teachers are crucial to learning. We help teachers leverage technology to create blended learning environments that maximize these genuine human interactions.

  3. Students learn best at their own paces.

    Every day, each student should receive instruction that is appropriately challenging form him or her. We guide teachers in designing self-paced structures that push all students to learn as much as they can.

  4. Mastery is essential.

    To access more complex content, students must first master foundational skills. We train teachers to assess what students actually know, and to support students in achieving true understanding before moving on.

  5. Reflection builds better learners.

    When students reflect on their learning, they build stronger academic and social-emotional skills. We lead teachers in developing metacognitive practices that support students’ social and emotional development.


This approach stems from research, observation, and reflection on hundreds of hours spent with hundreds of students in each of our classrooms.  We’ve seen its efficacy in student learning outcomes, in our own teacher evaluations, and in the smiles on our students' faces when we see them master new skills.  

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